Sunday, March 21, 2021

Some Keto Cooking and Baking

 I have been on a tare cooking and baking some new things. 
 I like to try new recipes, do you?  First up a "McGriddles" chaffle.  
SO good!!  
Recipe at Low Carb Asian here

This is the inside of this yumminess.

Then some keto granola. 
 Grain free, and great with yogurt!  

Chris made breakfast for me one morning using left over salmon, on zero NC bread and a poached egg.

A friend sent me this recipe for French Dip.
  I used dry wine and some erythritol instead of sweet wine.  
Then I chose to use a Sola bun which is 6 NC for the whole bun. 
 This was delicious.

Coconut chicken tenders, with orange ginger dipping sauce with a side of cheesy spaghetti squash.
Chicken recipe at Wholesome Yum

This was a HUGE hit for me. 
 Only 3NC!! 
 It tastes just like an Enteman's chocolate donut! 
Recipe from Low Carb Yum

Southwest chicken salad, with cucumber dipped in Toum (garlic sauce). 
 (I bought the Toum at Meijer and the SW chicken at Aldi)

Left over French Dip and home made coleslaw with Sugar Free Hughes Mustard dipping sauce.

I hope you guys enjoyed the food porn!


Bettina Groh said...

Not so much... have been working my way through the freezer. It was too "higgly piggly" that I couldn't figure out what was in it!! I have had some successes and some failures ... no new recipes ( actual recipes) till the freezer is taken care of!!

Judy in Michigan said...

check it out!

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