Friday, March 12, 2010

Matt's Homecoming!!

Just wanted to give you all an update on Matt. He came home today. I was not able to be there but DH and DS were both there as were a LOT of people with flags and well wishes. They all gathered and lined the street where he lives (and the streets leading up to that street also). I spoke with his mom today and she said as they approached the sub there were police cars on the corners of the entrance and when the police saw them they turned on their lights and Matt asked what was going on and she turned to him and told him it was all for him!! He was completely surprised and overwhelmed!! My DH told me that Matt was crying. This kind of thing seems like the least we can do, right?

My DH got a chance to talk to him. Both my DH and Matt had their smashed elbows in common so they were comparing their arms. DH has this weird device he used to regain strength in his hand and we will be giving it to Matt to use. It helped so much. Here is a photo of the xray of Matt's arm.

Lots of metal in that arm!! I asked his mom about the eye. She said he can see light and shapes. The doctors told him he has a "white" cataract on his eye. Not the grandma kind (his doctors words). In 6-8 weeks he will go in for surgery and they will see what they can do to improve his eye. I hope it goes as well for him as it did for me. Remember my whole new bifocal lens deal? Maybe they will be able to do something like that for Matt too.

I know they have lots of food and lots of people and it is very busy so I will stop over when it is a little quieter. She told me to stop by soon! I want to bring the quilt with me but will probably stop over before that too. She sounded so relieved to be home with her son and have him healing where she can watch over him. He is home for about a month.

I had a very strange day. I finally got to exercise for a little over an hour tonight. I am a little nervous about the weigh in at the gym tomorrow as I am down a little over 4 pounds and I want to see that on their scale in the am (I guess flu is good for something, huh?) Work has been crazy busy and there is no rest for the wicked. I got my car back and it is all fixed. The interior has been detailed and it smells like new car! They even shined up my tires!! DD1 is dog sitting for LTW while she is visiting her aunt this weekend so the house is quiet.

I have some interesting stuff to blog about but I am too tired to do any more tonight. I hope you have a good evening and wish me luck at the scale tomorrow!!


Allie said...

So glad Matt is home, and everyone went all out welcoming him home. The x-ray made me cringe. I'll be praying about his eye.
Good luck on the weight loss - glad you got your car back, and that they took such good care of it!

Laural said...

Yay! Matt's home!! Yikes on the x-ray. That's going to take a lot of time.

Quilts and Cats said...

That is wonderful that Matt is home and the welcome seemed so heartfelt by all. I have lots of metal in my shoulder so I can see it will take a while to recuperate. Love your new cat header, too.

katieD said...

good luck with the weigh in , I have been following your blog and you have inspired me to make more effort. So far I have walked to the fell gate each day ( 'bout 1and3/4 miles) and tried to get my eating under control! I have managed to loose 2lbs so far only another 2 stone to go!!

Micki said...

It is good to have Matt home, and good luck with the weigh in!

Needled Mom said...

So good to read about the homecoming. Glad he was overwhelmed with love and support.

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