Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Weekend is Improving!

I have so much to tell you all I don't know where to begin! First an update on the van. Apparently the dealership believed they were at fault (hmm let's see, they touched it last, had the wheels off less than 2 weeks ago to replace my transmission). Now they didn't *say* that but they are fixing it for free, so what do you think? I have a loaner car and should have mine back sometime on Wednesday. I guess the repairs are finished but there is some repainting that needs to occur.

I think you should remember that a few weeks ago I was asking for stuff for a friend's friend that had left an abusive relationship with 3 small children. Several of you sent me stuff. LTW quilted 3 quilts and donated them and the CL's had one that they donated also. PTM put the binding on the 3 from LTW. My friend, Anne also went above and beyond the call. She made 4 pillowcases, put them on pillows and added a few extra goodies for the kids. I have not thanked her properly, so sorry Anne! Here are photos of the pillows. One for each child and
Pillow 3 &4Pillow 1
Two for the mama!
Pillow 2
Thank you so much Anne, they are perfect.

Next I thouht you might like to see what I bought at Checker. I *tried* to be a little restrained but...They had fabric sample cards and I love those so I got a few. You can see there is a little Hope Valley in there and I was so excited about that!

Sample cards 01Sample Cards 02
There were several panels, some that will be perfect for the church. I loved the Manly line on the right. Those might make fun little guy quilts. I even found Santa on a motorcycle!! Too much fun. PTM and I always have a blast going through the carts of these and I think we spent at least the first hour or so doing just that.
I also got a little fabric while there. Some Nicey Jane charm packs (splitting with PTM) and she got some Hope Valley charm packs that she is splitting with me. I also got 2 JR of Delft in both the green and the blue. These are right up my alley!
Nicey Jane Charm Paks and delft JR
I bought a few inexpensive books and patterns.
Checker 06Checker 05
I preordered these things so we were able to pick them up when we were there.
Checker 02Checker 01

Checker 03Checker 07
I am particularly excited about the Liberated Quiltmaking II book but have not had time to go through it yet.

The last thing I will talk about on this post is that I received 2 more blocks for Matt's quilt from Barb L. Along with a note for Matt. Thanks Barb!!
Matt's blocks From Barb L019
I still have LOTS more to share but I will stop here, go check the mail and put in some laundry. I did make it to the gym for 2 hours this am. My DD2 is home so loads more laundry will be done tonight too.

I did manage to work on my JR Quilt a long block and get it finished. I guess you will just have to stop back to see that along with the other goodies I got in the mail!!


Allie said...

You sure got some lovely things - I adore that lighthouses pattern! I'm really glad the dealer is fixing your car for free - my gosh you could've been killed.

Crispy said...

Well it looks like you and PTM pretty much bought out Checkers, I bet they are really happy when you two show up LOL.

How nice of the dealership to fix the car for free....sheesh!!


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