Thursday, March 04, 2010

OMG the good and the Bad of the day

Today was the GOOD and the BAD of the day!! So I will begin at the beginning.

I got up this morning expecting this to be a fabulous day. PTM and I were going to Checker to pick up an order and I was so excited. I picked her up this am and we had to drop my DD1 off at work in AA. Then we headed off to Maumee, OH. On the way my car was making a whomp, whomp, whomp kind of noise. It kind of sounded like the tread of the tire had separated. So I called DH and he told me to check the tires. No problem with that. So we kept going.

We arrived at Checker and proceeded to shop. And shop we did! Then while we were shopping I go an email from none other than Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs. I had sent her an email telling her about my give away and the blocks that PTM had made from her pattern. She had a minute and finally got a chance to read my blog about the give away. Well, she was sooooooo nice and asked if PTM might like to "stunt embroidery" for her. Well, I have to say that PTM almost peed her pants right there in Checker!!!
Are you kidding me? Of course she would love to do that. Then a woman named Penny, that has designed rulers for Creative Grid and has written books was talking with us and mentioned that the designers of Crabapple Hill might like to have someone to stunt embroidery for them too. HOW COOL IS THAT???

So once we got over that we kept shopping. She bought sooo many bolts!!
Paulines cart
I was so happy that we go so many cool things today. Photos later though because of what happened on the way home. We were so close to home and the whomp, whomp, whomp continued and then...and THEN...the wheel (yes the WHEEL) flew off of my car and went across the other lane on the road we were on across the median and then across the other 2 lanes of traffic and then up on the side of the highway. No one was hurt. PTM was shaken up (actually so was I). We had to call the tow truck and then wait for DH to come and get us. DH came and got us and we went to get DD1 and then went to the dealer and got our spoils out of the car. Here is my car as we were waiting to leave with the towing guy (who did not want to go across all the traffic to get the wheel!! so I had to go and get it myself).
Towing my car 3-4-10

We went to the dealership and then I brought PTM home. I did NOT get to the gym today. On the upside we did not even eat lunch today. WHAT A DAY!!!

On a lighter note. DD1 took our dog, Laxy to the local elementary school on Wed. She is training her to be a therapy dog. Here she is in her new vest.
Laxy and her new vest
and this is what the patch in the middle says:
Laxys patch
All in all quite an eventful day. I hope your day was less eventful. I have to say though, that if I had to have this kind of day I am happy PTM was the one with me!!


Sherrill said...

YIKES, that is TOO SCARY! You guys were very lucky. Hope the car gets fixed soon and you're back on the road again. lol I love those therapy dogs--SO well-behaved. There's almost always one when we go serve dinner at the Ronald McDonald house and I'm drawn to go visit with the dog. That's an AWESOME thing to do.

Quiltluver said...

Wow, that is very scary. Good thing you were almost home. That's a cute dog you've got. Take care.

Allie said...

OH MY GOODNESS PAM!!!!!!!! That is too too scary- I'm so glad you guys are ok! I had that happen once, and it's terrifying. We weren't on the highway though! Egads. I think that was enough of a workout for your heart today.

Stunt embroidery - how cool is that! I'd be wetting my pants too, lol!

Needled Mom said...

That is a terrifying experience. Glad all turned out fine. When my mom was in rehab after she became paralyzed, the gal in the room with her was there due to an accident where a vehicle lost a tire and it flew over the center divider and came through her windshield. She boke her neck and was in really bad shape several months after the accident.

katieD said...

Nightmare! Thank the Lord you are all ok and no one else got hurt! I hope the pain in the wallet wont be too bad. Being from the UK and a computer newbie I am stuck with some words who is PTM and what does Stunting embroidery mean, I realise it is something momentous but exaclty what! sorry to be so dim

Crispy said...

OMGosh Pam what a horrifying thing to happen!!! Congrats on be a stunt embroiderer, I can hardly wait to see what they will have you do for them!!


Kathy said...

Wow, what an incident with the car's wheel. I've been hearing about the coil springs breaking on several vehicles and the results are very frightening. Is that what happened with your van? My coil spring broke on a Mercury, but I was simply backing out of the garage. I'm glad it broke there instead of the highway. That's nice that you are training your pet to be a Therapy Dog.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you and Pauline are okay. What a scare! By the way, the newspaper said (wrote?)the Zoo is hiring for the summer, think your DS is interested? Info is on the zoo website. Are those polka dots in that shopping cart?

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear that it all ended safely....

Mary-Kay said...

Wow! You certainly had quite the day. And your tire falling off too. One time my lugnuts were loose and my car was making that noise but lucky for me my hubby fixed it. He forgot to tighten them after doing some maintainance on it. And Pam gets to do some stunt work. How cool is that? Well I glad you are all okay and can't wait to see your spoils of the day. One day I'll have to go to Checkers and see all the great stuff.

Micki said...

What a terrifying experience for you. Thank God that you are all okay. It must have been quite a shock!

Linda Lee said...

What a day! I hope today is going much better! I'm thankful that no one was injured.

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