Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday is Here!

I know I told you I still had lots to share so I guess you will have to bear with me. First of all, I received another block for Matt's quilt. This one is from Laurie in ME. This was her first attempt at a string block (there have been several that this was a new technique for). I think she did a wonderful job! Thanks, Laurie!!
Matt's Blcok from Laurie B
I thought you might like to see the things I got in the mail from Would you like that?? I thought so!! First up is the backing for Matt's quilt
Matt's Back
Followed by a yard of each of these fun fabrics
And I could NOT resist these Nicey Jane fabrics, all of it was on sale too!!!
Nicey Jane FQ pak and JR
I just fell in love with Nicey Jane. My DD2 is in love with Verna by Kate Spain and that is what I chose for my Jelly Roll fabric for the quilt a long. Here is my first block. I really love how it turned out too.
JR Quilt a long Block One Verna
It was tricky to get those little squares to line up right, but after ripping one of them out 4 times, it is as good as it is going to get!!!

Now I am off to work on cutting out a couple of quilts for PTM and me to work on at the next church group meeting. I sent out an email letting them all know that we will be working on quilts for the veterans. The quilts need to be 48 x 48" or larger and have a patriotic theme or used patriotic fabric. I am doing the pattern "Make Life Sweet". I am very excited to try this pattern with these colors.
Sweet Make Life Quilt Pattern Sweetwater
Why? Because I can use some of the red and blue strips I have left over from Matt's quilt and hopefully it will go together quickly. I am making some changes in how we are working at the church. Only works of charity this year. After talking with Debbie Miller and father Pat, they would like to see us concentrate on doing works of charity to support the mission of the church. I think this is an excellent idea! No more idle hands at our meetings. Everyone needs to bring something, related to charity, to work on to every meeting. No one should be showing up empty handed. I hope this will allow the group to refocus and breathe some new life into it. First up are quilts for the veterans!!


Needled Mom said...

Your Jelly Roll block looks fabulous. I love the fabric you chose.

Your group quilts will definitely go to good causes.

Diva Kreszl said...

such beautiful fabrics!!! glad to hear your van is getting fixed

Mrs Quilty said...

Love the Nicey Jane fabrics...not heard of those. Also love the block you made.....amazing!

Sherrill said...

Hey, we have a group at our church called Quilting for Christ and we do all kinds of charity projects. Lots of baby rag quilts for our county hospital, Home of the Brave quilts, we've done TONS of pillowcases for various and sundry, quilts for the Fisher House and on and on. I LOVE it! Last week, we did bags (small and large) for walkers like the elderly use.

Allie said...

Love the backing you found for Matt's quilt Pam, it's perfect. I think it's a great idea to only work on charity projects for the group, good for you!

Crispy said...

Lots of pretty pictures!! Love the block and the Nicey Jane fabrics are yummy :0)

Charity is a good thing for your group to work on.


Janet said...

I was glad to hear you had trouble with those little squares too. I had to struggle until I thought they would just have to do. Love the fabric. Have a great week.

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