Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Blocks for Matt

I am i the home stretch now with blocks. I received these beauties (in the adorable Mickey and Pluto *red* envelope) yesterday from Sharon. Aren't they cute?

Matt's Blcoks from Sharon

Now I just need Carolyn's, and I can finish the last row!!! Keep your fingers crossed that they come in the mail today so I can finish it tonight. I am also waiting for the journal to come that I ordered too. Did I tell you about that? Ok, I didn't think so. Here's the story about that.

I went to several places looking for a journal/scrapbook/notebook type thing to put all your wonderful notes in to Matt, along with some writing on my part. No one had anything. Surely the ginormous Borders by my house will have one right? NOPE! Nada, Zip, bubkis. So I walk up to one of the managers and ask,"Excuse me but do you have any patriotic/RWB/flag/military type journals?" Manager, "Did you try over at the journals?" (Me in my head, "Why no, I'm that much of an idiot I would never have thought to check the journal isle for a journal") What I said was, "Of course I checked there. Is there another place where patriotic things might be?" Manager,"We only have those things around near the fourth of July". Me "Well, I guess it is pretty inconvenient that in this time of war our brave men and women are injured year round and not only near the fourth of July!" And I walked out. We are in an active state of war to begin with and why would they not carry something journal wise that at least had a flag on it all the time? I have no idea. So I went online and ordered something from Cafe Press. Sheesh. And real life stores wonder why the internet shops are putting them out of business, really? Now I have to hope that it arrives soon.

So on that note, it is sunny and warm and I need to go for a walk. Have a good afternoon!!


allsewnup said...

Hard to believe in this day and age it takes sooo long to receive something through the mail. I found the receipt and it wasn't the 4th like I had first thought but in fact the 3rd! I could have walked it to you faster! Hope they show up today for you.


Quiltluver said...

The journal is a really good idea. It sure was nice weather today. Loving the sunshine!

Mrs Quilty said...

Good for you for speaking your mind to the Manager....brother! I hope the one you want arrives today! It's such a wonderful gift~

Allie said...

You're really cooking along with that quilt - hope the block shows up soon. Great idea on the journal. If you can't find one, you could always buy a plain one and decoupage some of the rwb fabric to it.

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