Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Recent Matt Update and more blocks

I spoke to Matt's mom today. He had the dressing on his arm changed today and it was pretty painful. He has also begun PT for the elbow and it is VERY painful. It is difficult for a mama to watch their child suffer but he is working though it. She is there and helping him with some of the every day stuff he still needs help with. She said the military has taken care of everything and everyone has been so nice to her and her family. I think her other kids and hubby are home and it is just her there. His younger brother was over today and said that Matt's eyesight is not very good in the eye that had the damage, but then he laughed and said it was not very good before, but he is beginning to see shapes and they have high hopes that he will regain the eyesight he had before the incident. Time will tell with that. Please continue to pray for him.

So I receive more blocks in the mail today from Kathy L
Matt's blocks Kathy L
Matt's blocks Kathy L
And from Yvonne:
Matt's blocks Yvonne
As you may be able to see in the corner on Yvonne's block I put her name, city and state so Matt would know who made each of the blocks that came from all of the caring, patriotic people around this great country of ours! So if you have not sent your block(s) yet, please feel free to do the same or I will be happy to do it for you once they arrive.

Now you know I just could not stand it, with so many blocks in my hot little hands and en evening of quilting so...
Matts Quilt
I layed some of the blocks out on the floor and PTM helped me by handing them to me in order, then pinning them together and bu around 9pm we had this!
Me, Pauline and Matts quilt  02
That's PTM on the left and me on the right. I look terrible! I was late to the gym. My dad came down to Ann Arbor today and so I went to pick him up and bring him back to the lab. Of course I had tons to do at that time so my friend, Holly, kept him entertained while I finished my DNA extraction, read my gel and cleaned up. Then I brought him back to his friend (that he had driven down to Ann Arbor for an eye appointment) and left to come home. It is always good to see him but it messed with my schedule! He is beginning to look and act so much older now. He is doing the old person shuffle and doesn't hear well. It is difficult to see this about your dad. Then I had to rush to get to the gym after I got home as I was taking photos for the blog and trimming blocks, but I managed 20 minutes on the eliptical. I rushed home, wolfed down some food and changed my clothes and ran out the door to quilting with the Canton Area Quilt Guild (that's our new name, formerly the Cherry Hill Village Quilters)

I have 3 more rows to do and the top will be finished. I am hoping to finish it this weekend. If you have sent your blocks I am waiting to put them in the quilt. If you have blocks and you have not sent them yet, please let me know so I know to expect them. I have space for 30 blocks! PTM is going to make one for a friend of hers who is in the service as well. He was not injured but he is a family friend, American, that married a Canadian (PTM is Canadian). So any leftovers that she and I have made will go towards that quilt.

PTM and I are making a trip to Checker in the morning to pick up some stuff so I am off to bed soon. I just took some muffins out of the oven for breakfast in the morning. PTM gave me a fabulous bran muffin recipe and they smell so good!!


Allie said...

I'm glad Matt is being so well taken care of - poor thing. I'll be praying his eyesight returns fully. The quilt is looking fabulous! And I can tell you've lost weight girl, keep up the good work! Have fun at Checker!

Needled Mom said...

The quilt looks awesome!!!! What a fabulous job you are doing on it.

Glad to read they are starting PT on Matt. Although it is painful, it is good to get it moving again. As a nurse, I suggest he takes pain medication right before his therapy. It may ease his pain somewhat. So glad to hear that the military is being so awesome with his care.

Jeanne said...

It's looking great! I'll send a note for Matt any day now. :-) Glad he's doing well.

dianne said...

i sent the blocks on monday ... and they came back yesterday because (like an idiot) i didn't put enough postage on them ... so i sent them AGAIN yesterday ... sheesh ... i hope the USPS eagle flies a straight path right to your door!

that is one BIG quilt!!! or does it just look huge cuz the two of you are shrinking?!?

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