Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday...So Far So Good

Today was an amazing day. I got up and went to the gym (of course) and weighed in (even though the challenge is finished.) I lost another 2.6 pounds and broke another major milestone for me!! I am close to another girl in the gym so we decided to see which of us will break the next 10 pound marker first, a little contest for us both! Then they did their monthly measurements and guess what?? I have lost 23 inches overall so far!!! I am so excited about that too. I just had to share that with you all.

I almost forgot to tell you, the ABS crunch challenge was today. That is where we had to crunch for a whole hour without stopping to raise money. I had my DD1 come and count all my crunches and guess how many I ended up doing in an hour? 1680!!!!!! Who knew I was capable of that?? Where did that come from?? At one point when I was about half way through and groaning a little DD looked at me and said, "C'mon fatty you can do it!" We both busted up laughing and it is so difficult to keep crunching when you are laughing!! (she was kidding and I knew it, so don't think she was being mean or anything) I raised some money for St. Jude Children's Hospital and now my body is incredibly sore!! The crunches were after my hour of aerobics too. I feel pretty good about all that. Then I came home and had to make the label for Matt's quilt. You want to see it all done? Here ya go:
Matt's Quilt quilted 007
Can you see the quilting that is the star, within the star, within the star? Probably not, but it is too cool. LTW quilted it in red thread.

Now for some close ups of the quilting.
Matt's Quiltup close  008Matt's Quilt  up close009

PTM did the binding for me and it is beautiful as usual. She also made a pillowcase to put the quilt in. You can see it here along with the book I put together with photos of all your blocks, notes and some of the finished quilt top.
Matt's Quilt w book inside the pillowcase 012
I thought and thought about how to do the label. I finally decided to make the label like I usually do but before I sewed it together I embroidered a purple heart around the label. Then I put all the words on it. If you notice I wrote the names of everyone that sent me a block all around the inside of the heart. I just remembered I need to put my stamp on the label so will take the quilt out and put that on the label, sorry no pic of that! What do you think of this idea? He received the purple heart so I wanted to incorporate that somehow.
Matt's Quilt Label 011

Oh and here were my helpers. They stayed there the whole time keeping me company while I worked. Big help huh?
Cat ball

There is a BIG party at Matt's house tonight so I will be able to give the quilt to him tonight. I am so excited!! (and a little nervous) I will try to remember to take some pictures tonight to share with you all tomorrow too. Now I am off to relax for a little while and then get ready.


Diva Kreszl said...

congratulations!!! you should be very proud of yourself :)

~Laurie~ said...

WOW Pam - it is BEAUTIFUL!! You did a great job pulling this all together - the quilting is perfect and I just love the label. I feel so lucky to be a part of this project - can't wait to see Matt's reaction!

Sherrill said...

OMG, I don't know HOW you're accomplishing your weight loss/fitness goals so quickly! Doing awesome-keep it up! And the quilt turned out GORGEOUS! LOVE the way you did the label. Matt's gonna FREAK OUT it's so beautiful! Have fun tonight.

Mandy said...

Congrats girl!!! and the quilt looks awesome!!!!!!!

Mrs Quilty said...

Well, what an inspiring blog to read! And I could use that this moment! Your weight loss and inches too is phenomenal! How did you do it? Or did you already blog on that and I missed it? That is so awesome and you are awesome for all that success! Your quilt for Matt is beautiful and the label is so meaningful! You may make him shed a tear or two! Fabulous job and such a wonderful gift for him!!! Enjoy your evening!

Barb said...

This quilt is awesome! You did a wonderful job and I am sure Matt will be very happy with it. It really is a quilt to cherish and is so special. The label is perfect and so fitting! Have a good time at the party!

allsewnup said...

Wow. It looks fantastic. What is it they say about many hands make light work? This was an awesome experience that has inspired me to take on a similar project here at home. I'm sure Matt will love it.
Congratulations on your goals I could really use some of your mojo right now. I'm at the "I've got to get serious and get off my butt stage" but am not sure where to start.


dianne said...

thank you so much, Pam - and please thank LTW and PTM!

and congratulations - you are the Incredible Shrinking Woman, woman!

Allie said...

It's stunning! You did a fabulous job on this Pam. Congrats on your weight loss too, I can't believe you did that many crunches - whew!

katieD said...

well done you !!! I think if I did crunches for an hour I would die!!!!! 23" that's half a person!!!! your clothes must be hanging off you !!! keep going you are such a star!

Crispy said...

I am HUGELY impressed with you in both the weight loss, inches lost and 1600 crunches....You Go Girl!!

Matts quilt and label are fantastic, he's going to be so dang impressed!!


Needled Mom said...

The quilt is just gorgeous. You did a beautiful job.

I am still trying to imagine that many crunches!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

Matt's star quilt turned out beautifully! It's wonderful also that you put the cards and the notes into the book. You have taken so much effort to make the details just right for Matt. Perhaps I could create a link on my blog to your posts about the finished quilt. WOuld that be OK?

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