Thursday, December 16, 2010

An Amazing Give Away

You heard me right. Just in case you haven't made it over to PTM's blog yet to view it I decided to show you what you can win. Trust me when I say you need to take a minute and go there, you won't be sorry. OK. twist my arm to show you what's up for grabs.
PTM's bloc 1 &2PTM's blocks 3 & 4
PTM's block 5 & 6PTM's blocks 7 & 8
Aren't they amazing?? They are all hand embroidered by PTM. She does amazing work too. She even did some embroidery for Anne Sutton over at Bunny Hill, THATS'S how good she is. Not only that but you can take them and using the Yellow Brick Road pattern make this:
PTM's Snowman top
So RUN don't walk and go and visit her blog, answer her 2 easy questions and voila, you will be entered to win these 8 amazing blocks!! Tell her Mama Spark sent you (maybe she will give me an extra entry! ; 0


Mama Koch said...

It's only 10am and I SWEAR your statement read..."answer her 2 easy questions and vodka, you will be entered..."

I need a nap! Love the blocks BTW.

Quilt n Queen said...

Thanks Mama Sparks....good friends like you are hard to find. You should be here.... playing in the basement....with me.

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