Friday, December 03, 2010

Plymouth Piecemaker's Christmas Party

I belong to a quilt guild called the Plymouth Piecemakers. Our Christmas party was last night. I got all gussied up (no pictures though ), grabbed my dish to pass (Caeser salad), my gift (a Cardinal wall hanging) and PTM came and picked me up. we got there and PTM asked me if I had my quilt blocks. In a mild state of panic I responded, "oh crap, I forgot them!" So one phone call to DH and DS brought them to me, thank goodness!!

The party was held in the basement of a church where we usually meet but it looked really festive. Here was my place setting. The recipes were from the food people brought last year.
Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 001
The gift table and the door prize table
Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 002Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 005
The food was delish! Here is what my plate looked like.
Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 006
I managed to snap a quick one of PTM with her mouth full, LOL. Isn't she just so adorable. I could eat her right up!!
Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 008
You saw my reindeer blocks and PTM made a set also. You got your name in a drawing as many times as the number of blocks you made up to 3. PTM's reindeer was jumping over a rooftop, SOOOOOO cute! Here are ours side by side on the block table. First PTM's then mine.
Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 004Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 003
She was smart, she packaged her buttons I sewed mine on! Good to remember for next time. Here's a close up of that adorable house top block.
Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 009
Through out the year we had to answer some questions. The woman running the party assigned points to all the answers and the person with the most points got to select a gift first. Guess who that was? Yep, PTM!! She was so excited, jumping up and down like a little kid. She selected a gift that was a perfect fit for her. I did not, however remember to get a picture of either her gift or mine! I got 4 matching place mats in Christmas fabrics. Very festive. The woman that selected my Cardinal wall hanging was just thrilled with it. WHEW!
We had show and tell with Christmas projects and the past president, Rosemary, shared this Christmas stocking that she made for her granddaughter. I thought it was striking!
Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 017Piecemaker's Christmas Party 2010 018
The entire stocking was done by hand. Amazing huh?

It was a nice evening but another night of no sewing. I came home, watched the Vampire Diaries (DVR'ed) and went to bed. My plan for today is once home, cut out my LC and JR blocks and maybe sew them if time, before going to the gym. DH an I may be going to Holly on Sat, but I will try to get to the gym in the am first. Not sure though as he has to fly on Sunday so he may want to be home. Speaking of him, we were sitting in the family room watching the Vampire Diaries when he pipes up with, "Hey, do you think you can get next Friday off?" Me, "Probably, why?" Him, "Want to spend the weekend in Chicago?" Me"Um YES, of course I do". So we will see how that works out, I will keep you posted. So much for getting my Christmas decorating done! PAH!
He has to go in for either a crown or root canal today so we may not be having our usual date night tonight. How will you be spending your Friday night?


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

The Christmas party sounds and looks like a fun time Pam! More shopping in Chicago?

Melinda said...

Sounds like a wonderful party - next week is party week for me. I still have a couple of gifts to finish up.

Crispy said...

The Christmas party sounds wonderful!! I love that stocking!! I plan on shoveling snow in a few minutes, then take pictures of my "finished" Row Robin quilt, post on my blog and then just kick back and relax as I have to work all day tomorrow :0)


PS I hope you get to go to Chicago, one of my favorite towns.

Allie said...

Looks like a fun party Pam! Congrats to both of you on winning - your blocks are both really darling.

Cynthia L. said...

Your party sounds like a lot of fun. The quilt group I belong to will have a party on the 13th of this month. It will be a fun evening. I think I will be taking my daughter with me. I am so glad the winner of your cardinal wall hanging was happy - it was a beautiful wall hanging.

Hope you get to make it to Chicago!

Micki said...

Looks like a fun party...beautiful items! I esp. loved the was truly amazing!

Vickie said...

I'd say it was a great party! I love the reindeer blocks! The stocking done by hand is wonderful!

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