Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thrift Shop Finds

I forgot to tell you that after working out on Saturday PTM and I went to the newest Salvation Army thrift shop. This shop is HUGE. We must have spent 2 hours in there. I went right for the vintage sheets section. I actually found some nice pillowcases. There were some amazing ones on opening day but I didn't buy them and of course now they were all gone. I also found some My Little Pony fabric too. SCORE. They were having a "blue tag" sale too so anything with a blue tag was 50% off. Some of my pillowcases were in that sale!!
Thrift shop finds 12-10 001
PTM bought a wool blazer I think it was dark green and a tan jumper, also wool. She is going to be collecting wool to use for some projects. I found 3 or 4 silk dresses. They were cheaper than buying silk by the yard so I may start stalking the silks while PTM stalks the wools. Then we can play together with our finds. I heart my BFF.

I also found this adorable little dog. Lefton, I think. I saw 2 little girls that were also Lefton pieces but they were damaged so I left them. They were only 99 cents too! Too bad. Isn't this dog adorable?
Thrift shop finds 12-10 002
My favorite find was this Madona. Her face is so sweet I just couldn't leave her at the shop. The top of her hands were broken off but I bought her anyway. DH told me to glue a little boquet of flowers into her hands and I think I will do exactly that! How could I resist that face??
Thrift shop finds 12-10 003Thrift shop finds 12-10 004
I saw a sign that if you are over 55 you get 25% off every Wednesday. I think someone I know may have to stop in on Wednesdays from now on!! I will just have to tag along and see if she can help me out by sharing that awesome discount!! I bet she will, what do you think?

Off to bed for me soon. I just found out that I have to drive DD1 to the airport at an ungodly time tomorrow, 4AM!! She is going to my nephew's wedding in the Riviera Maya. Nice for her with all the snow and cold we have here.


Allie said...

How fun - I love thrifting. Love that dog! Where is this new one? I'm not happy with SA, they've really raised their prices to ridiculous levels...even on discount day. Although I know donations are way down.

Crispy said...

I love to go thrifting too, but rarely buy anything. I just love to poke around :0) You got some great stuff!


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