Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thursday Night Dinner

Yep, this entire short post is in tribute to my wonderful DH and his amazingly mad cooking skills. We had an entirely homemade dinner on Thursday night. He made the most amazing garlic knot rolls. Two people came to pick up quilts and BOTH of them told me how wonderful my house smelled (due to the garlic rolls).
Homemade garlic know rolls
My friend, Cori (Crazy Quilt Girl) told me again yesterday how amazing they smelled so I told her I took a photo and she said, "Of course you did". But of course I wanted to share them with my peeps, right?
Then DH took the rest of the minced up garlic and spread it all over the beef before cooking it. I made mashed potatoes and made some beans and corn and we feasted like kings! This was my plate!
My plate

I need to post about my amazing, amazing Friday soon too. PTM, Cori and I did the FNSI (Friday night sew in). More soon...


Quiltluver said...

Looks yummy!! Makes me want to go to the store and stock up something like this for the expected weekend snow storm.

Charlene S said...

Those rolls are fantastic and I can just imagine the smell!

Crispy said...

Ooooo that looks wonderful!! You are so lucky to have such a good cook for a hubby :0)


Mama Koch said...

Would you rent him out for awhile? I'd love to have somebody cook for awhile!

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