Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dickens Festival Holly Michigan

Today, DH wanted to go to the Dickens Festival in Holly Mi. I love going but not so much for the festival but for the amazing antique shops. I always manage to find some creepy elves for DD2 for Christmas. I also started to collect these porcelain headed, angels. It's too dark to take photos tonight but I will do it tomorrow. I believe they are Japanese. I had one when I was growing up and happened to find some others when we have been in Holly.

I went to the gym first, came home showered and we had asked PTM and her DH to join us. They came over and we all went to Holly. We had some great finds today. I think it was especially fun for the guys to finally meet and spend some time together. It's interesting that they seem to have quite a few things in common. Antiquing is one of them. We found 2 cast iron muffin pans and my DH had been looking for those. My favorite thing that I got was another angel a BIG one.

I managed to get a photo of PTM in front of the Holly hotel and then one of her and her DH by the horse drawn carriage.
Pauline in HollyBruce and Pauline in Holly
I think I've shown you this before but they have 2 amazing vampire hunter kits. They are so cool and pretty old (circa 1860).
Vampire slayer kit 04Vampire slayer kit 02
In addition to that they had a werewolf hunters kit too, complete with Wolf's bane and silver bullets!
Werewolf hunter kit
They were a little out of my price range!

We left around 5:30 and headed home. We decided to stop at our favorite place to eat, Chopstick House for dinner and then they dropped us off at home. DH and I watched A Christmas Story and now it's time for bed. It was a wonderful day spent with good friends. Bring on the holiday!


Micki said...

Sounds like a fun day! I would have loved it!

Jorie said...

That looks like fun, and its right down the road from where my hubbys entire family lives!

Allie said...

Sounds like the perfect day Pam!

Crispy said...

What a fun day!! That's one thing I loved, when my sis lived in Michigan, all those wonderful little towns with great antique shops :0)


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