Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wonderful Blogland Gifts

I saw a quilt on my friend, Sophie's blog and I was so excited about it. It was of Bevo, the University of Texas's mascot and it was gorgeous!! Pop over to her blog and visit, she is the woman that runs Block Lotto (as seen in Quilter's World magazine. Tell her I sent you! Any way I borrowed these pics from her blog to show you the quilt.

Isn't this gorgeous? Well Sophie knew I would love it and she offered to send the pattern to me!! It arrived with a darling little kitty card too and she sent it as a gift! Look how different it looks in the pattern. Now I have to think about how to make it my own, right?
Gifties 12-2010 001
On top of that, Kelly over at Charming Chatter told us that Mrs Claus was looking for inspiring stories so I sent her the story about my friend that went through so much adversity this year but never lost her positive attitude. Also I told her about my family. I think you all know that story but briefly, I have 2 sisters, the older one was born retarded (mom had the measles during her pregnancy) and the sister is also schizophrenic and bipolar, the younger one has Cerebral Palsy, she is the one that came over for Christmas and she lives with my dad. Anyway there are the 3 of us, we are still waiting to discover my handicap, LOL. (It's ok to laugh, we say this in my family and we all laugh). Ok, long story short, Mrs. Claus chose my story so I was a winner! She asked me to send her some of the things I liked and told me she would send me (and my friend if she was a quilter, which she is not) a nice fabric package. Boy she wasn't kidding! Thanks, Mrs. Claus!! What a huge package of fabric!!
Gifties 12-2010 003Gifties 12-2010 004

I took my machine in to get tuned up, just like I do every year so no sewing going on here at the moment but I think I may be able to do some cutting and maybe some sewing on Wed (yes we have Wed night sewing) and Thursday, I will be going over to PTM's to play with her and LTW!! I have a lot to do so will see how that goes. I need to do my layer cake block probs the next one after that by then too, the next JR QAL block and my 12 days of Christmas block. In addition, I need to work on my "basket" quilt for the Piecemaker's challenge. I still have some cutting to do on that one too. YIKES! Maybe I should put Christmas away this week too so I can get all the sewing stuff out? WE are supposed to have some warmer weather soon, so it may work out. Tomorrow is going through the closet day (I hope). What are you up to this week??



sophie said...

This week I am working with no day off--I'm happy to have have work and to be earning the money, but I'm not quite ready to be back at work after the holiday.

I'm so glad that you like "Bevo."

Crispy said...

Very cool stuff in the mail! I didn't know that Sophie set up a blog for her block lottos. I participated in a couple back on the About Forum. I'll have to bookmark her blog and check it out each month to see if I want to particiate, they are fun.


Allie said...

Nice pattern - congrats on winning Mrs. Claus's stash, lol!

Vickie said...

Way to go! Congratulations on winning!!

Brita said...

Bevo is magnificent! I have a grandson at UT. If I didn't think of places it would be used, I'd make him a quilt like that. But I shudder at the thought...

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Congrats on the pattern - so neat! And, so glad you like the fabric! Looking forward to seeing all those sweet projects!

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