Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Some Musings

I just have a few things to say tonight. First, can you believe that I blogged every day in the month of November? Then, so far I have only missed yesterday this month. I'm pretty excited about that! It is not always easy to do that. I don't have any photos so I understand if you just skip over this post, no photos is boring, right?

Anyway, on the Christmas decorating front, I managed to get over half of the boxes unpacked!! YEAH me!! I also cleaned as I put up decorations. I had about an hour from the time I got home until I had to leave for exercise class. I told myself I would work until Glenn Beck came on and then I would change and get ready to go and that's exactly what I did. I went to the Body Pump class tonight and it kicked my butt!!

I got home and DH had been called away to fly but then the flight changed so he came home, but he did not have a chance to cook for me, bummer! I had a sandwich and that was A OK with me! Then I got an amazing phone call from the place I sent my little PNS camera. They told me that my camera was fixed and coming home!! I am soooo happy!! I love my camera and I really missed her. I know that most people don't send their PNS cameras in to be fixed but I LOVE my camera. I have actually bought this camera twice!! I loaned it to my DD2 and it was stolen, so I found it and bought it again. LOVE IT!! So I was so excited to know that it is on it's way home. Maybe I should put it in a rubber case so if I ever drop it again it won't break.

I have some other things to talk about but it will have to wait until tomorrow.


Melinda said...

I have blogged every day this year except one where we didn't have any internet. I am committed to finishing out the year but make no commitments about next year. Once you get in the habit of every day it becomes easier.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I know just what you mean about finding a camera you like and wanting it to always work.

Congratulations on blogging every day....it is one of my favorite things to do!


jackiero said...

Atta girl :D You did more exercizing than I, bad me, good you!
Happy for you about your camera coming home. I tend to get attached to things that make my life easy (I really cried when we traded in our last car, the only way my eyes stopped pumping the tears was to the fact I really liked the new car we were buying ;)
Smiles from Jackie in NC

Crispy said...

Hey it's much better to fix a favorite camera than buy a new one that you wouldn't be happy with. I look forward to new pictures with it :0)


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Ok, I give up, what is a PNS camera. It's driving me nuts and you will never guess what kind of words I came up with to fit those letters - lol!

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