Thursday, December 30, 2010

Layer Cake Quilt Along

Sorry it's been a few days since I have posted. I haven't been idle though. I've been thinking about what to post on NYE, cooking, doing unending laundry and such. Today I got to go over to PTM's and play for a little while. I thought I was going to get to do some sewing on a few projects only to realize that I needed to re-cut all the red and white pieces I *thought* were done. Silly me, I didn't do the math quite right, dang it. So PTM and I watched 2 movies, I cut, she sewed binding and we took a little time to sit and watch the end of one of the movies. We watched My Sister's Keeper, so sad, and He's Not That Into You, AWESOME movie.

I managed to get all the red and white re-cut, thank goodness. I had cut out blocks 4 and 5 of the LCQAL on Wednesday but needed to cut the next 12 Days of Christmas BOM block, sigh, so much to get done. On top of all that, I need to make a chenille blanket for a baby shower on the 10th of Jan. ACK!! By the time it was time to go, PTM waas taking her dinner out of the oven and I just wanted to get something sewn! I sewed block 4 of the Layer Cake QAL and here it is.
LCQAL block 4 001
I'm very happy with the way this came out. I plan to sew the next block in this series tomorrow.
LTW, PTM and I will be getting together at PTM's house for a day of sewing. WE will have our Christmas exchange too. I have to go to the gym first and weigh in. That has not been so good recently. Since the first of Dec I have gained 6 pounds back. I plan on getting back on track for the new year.
I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow so you can join us in the fun. After that I plan on a post about the upcoming New Year. Original huh? HAHA, I know but it helps me to focus on things. Until tomorrow.


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

This layer cake block looks pretty. Happy New Year - it's been fun getting to know you this year - still loving that Verna quilt! L X

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your Layer Cake block is beautiful. I love the fabrics you used.
I hope that you and your family have a very Happy New Year!!

Crispy said...

Oooo I love this block, the fabric combination is yummy!! Gosh I sure wish that I lived close to you, hanging out with the girls would be sooooo much fun!


dot said...

Have A Happy New Year Mama Spark. I look forward to following your blog in 2011.

Micki said...

I love the pink that you used in the block...It is lovely!
Happy New Year!

Gari in AL said...

I am envious of your Layercake block. I am three blocks behind. I hope to get caught up this weekend.

Allie said...

Happy New Year, Pam! Love your block!

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